Video: Sex & The City 2 Premiere Covered By Ross

OK, I have to admit, I have completely sucked on coverage of "Sex & The City 2" lately. Hopefully, this clip can make up for it a little bit. Jay Leno sent Ross Matthews to the New York Premiere for the Tonight Show. 

This is part 2 of it that features all the stars of "Sex" and it is funny at times.  Check out the awkwardness above.

Are you going to see "Sex & The City 2" this weekend?-Dr.FB


Scene & Heard

Saturday night at the Roosevelt Hotel, spotted were Sugar Ray's Mark McGrath, Shaun Stewart, and singer Esthero......Sunday at the Farmers Market at the Grove were Salma Hayek with Valentina. At the Grove itself was the funny n kind Ross Matthews aka Ross The Intern with what we assume was his boyfriend....Zac Efron was spotted on a beautiful Sunday afternoon driving around Hollywood in what we call an undercover car...-Dr.FB