Drfunkenberry Goes After TMZ

TMZ's Harvey Levin.  Photo: TMZ.com
TMZ's Harvey Levin.  Photo: TMZ.com

TMZ's Harvey Levin. Photo: TMZ.com

I am little peeved when I look at TMZ and I see 2 stories on their front page that were here 1st. One of them the Michael Jackson song not being original and then the 2nd being the Obama poll of if he really deserved the Nobel Peace Prize.

Here is my This Is It  story posted at 1:01 Eastern Time this morning

Here is TMZ's This Is It story posted 1:58 Eastern Time this afternoon, a full 12 hours later. They were able to talk to Paul Anka, who I did advise wrote the song with Michael, but, let's be real, TMZ is more connected then me. But to say they were first with the story is straight douchey.

Here is my Obama poll, posted at 10:54 P.M. last night.

Here is TMZ's Obama poll, posted at 11:55 A.M. today.

The reason I bring up the Obama poll with the Michael Jackson story is that they were right after each other, kind of like you went to someone's site and read it there and said, hey that's a good idea, let's take it but add to it and call it our exclusive. Same material ends up on each other's site but don't claim something as an exclusive if it is not is all.

Straight up, I have sent news items to TMZ several times to either never get credited or the story not used. I did not send the MJ story in because of that.

I am not asking for much but to be listed on the blog roll of the web site. The raiders fan page is on TMZ's blog roll for crying out loud.

TMZ, Harvey, whoever, I always credit you on sources, and stop being like cabbage-head Perez Hitler Hilton and swiping stories and not giving credit because the site is not as big as yours.

It's lame. A little integrity never hurt anyone.  I hope you do the right thing. You have gotten Anka's side on the story but don't act like you posted the songs first.

Sorry everyone, but if you are getting pissed on and no one sees, you have to let people know. I put hours and hours into this web site pushing to break into the mainstream, working my bootay off, only to have someone snatch the work I put into it.-Dr.FB


Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” Written For Someone Else?

Here is Michael Jackson's "new" song called "This Is It" sung by Saifre? 17 years ago?

Well, this is interesting. It seems Michael Jackson's "This Is It", which was written in 1991, was given to the female singer Safire and was written with Michael and Paul Anka.

What gives? He names the tour that was to take place before his death "This Is It" so it seems there were plans(?) to go into his unreleased catalog and release it....or was it all some weird coincidence?

Safire had a HUGE HUGE hit in 1987 called "Let Me Be The One" and is a freestlye classic. "This Is It" was to be released on her "I Wasn't Born Yesterday" CD but was never released.

Sony? AEG? Any explanation?

Michael Jackson fans, how do you feel?-Dr.FB