San Fernando Valley

Robert Pattinson: Guitarist

Robert Pattinson.

Robert Pattinson, for reasons unknown to us, was in the San Fernando Valley yesterday and ended up at a used guitar shop in Tarzana, California. While at Norman’s Rare Guitars, he tried out a Fender Telecaster.  Norman Harris, the owner, recognized R-Patz and asked him to please sign the guitar. Now, being the nice guy […]

Kim Kardashian Goes Back To Black

Kim Kardashian changed her hair from blonde back to brunette. Thank God. It’s not a slow news day and I know half of you don’t care but I am happy to have the sexy Armenian Princesss back is all. No blonde locks. No looking like a Persian girl from the San Fernando Valley. I. Am. […]

Kim Kardashian: My Life As A Blonde

Keeping up with the ever-changing looks of Kim Kardashian. She debited a new look while in New York on Sunday and we are not sure what to think of it. The side look is not the best view of it but did not want to use the one she twittered with this time.  She still […]