Another Baseball Fan Nearly Falls To Death At All-Star Home Run Derby

Keith Carmickle. Photo: Norm Hall/Gettyimages.com
Keith Carmickle. Photo: Norm Hall/Gettyimages.com

Keith Carmickle. Photo: Norm Hall/Gettyimages.com

Keith Carmickle thought "He lived a good life" after dangling 20 feet up after falling over the rail at the Home Run Derby in Arizona Monday night.  He was saved by his brother and a friend who held him and thne brought him back over the rail.

This came on the funeral for Shannon Stone who died after falling over a railing last week at a Texas Rangers home game.  The Rangers have made signifigant contributions to Stone's family since his passing and got an all star funeral in Texas. 

The footage of Shannon Stone's fall is below.  Again, it is graphic.  Sad and graphic I should add as his son was right next to him as he fell.

This was the second death this season at a Baseball game of a fan falling over a railing. Carmickle almost made it 3.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: Higher Railings Need To Be Installed


Video~ Big Mike “This Woman’s Work” Saves His A@@

Big Mike was going to be eliminated on American Idol last night...I say was....until he killed a version of "This Woman's Work" that saved him.

The judges have 1 save per season and last night, Simon and the judges saved Michael Lynche from being eliminated from American Idol.  The judges seemed pretty pleased with the decision it made.  Even Ryan Seacrest seemed like he was on the verge of losing his voice. 

2 people will be eliminated next week and we have a feeling the drama of last night's decision will not only spike up the ratings of AI this year, but make it a hot topic for discussion at the office.

Check out the performance above and let me know.-Dr.FB