Rick Ross Says He’s “Good” After Plane Scare

Rick Ross File Photo

It is being reported that Rick Ross suffered a seizure that knocked him unconscious on an airplane in Florida earlier today. The story was broke by TMZ and since then, Rick and members of his crew have tweeted he is ok.  They never denied the story but they state he is ok and TMZ updated that […]

David Hasselhoff Released From Hospital

David Hasselhoff has been released from the hospital after suffering a seizure caused by alcohol and mixing anti-seizure medicine. Just don’t tell that to him! Hasselhoff is denying the whole thing happened.  Ironically, his ex-wife was busted for drinking and driving over the Thanksgiving weekend. At least David was not driving when his incident happened, […]

David Hasselhoff Suffers Seizure

David Hasselhoff was hospitalized after suffering a seizure Friday.  We are hearign reports it was brought on by being drunk and with David taking anti-seizure medication, it doesn’t mix. His ex-wife has already seen him at the hospital and at the time of writing, he has not been released. We hope he gets well soon […]