Jerry Sandusky Gets 30 To 60 Years For Sex Abuse With Children

Jerry Sandusky got what he deserved today for the raping of minors. Sandusky was sentenced to 30 to 60 years in prison. For someone who is 68 years old, he will be spending the rest of his life behind bars. Sandusky wore a red prison jumpsuit to court today, along with a bullet-proof vest….for his […]

George Michael Is Headed To Jail For 8 Weeks

George Michael Photo: Kristie Wigglesworth/AP

George Michael has been sentenced to 8 weeks in jail for driving under the influence 4th of July weekend.  One wonders how much jail time he would actually serve if George got in trouble here.  It sure would not be 8 weeks. There is no word yet when he will have to report to jail.   […]

George Michael Pleads Guilty To Driving High

George. George. George.  Sigh. George Michael pleaded guilty today to driving while high on the 4th of July last month when he crashed into a building. George’s drivers license was suspended for at least 6 months and he could get jail time as he already has a conviction against him for driving high before.  This […]

Chris Brown Sentenced

Chris Brown was sentenced  to his 180 days of community service and felony probation for 60 months. He will be able to do his community service in his hometown of Virginia. The judge did go off on Brown a few times and he has to enrol in a 52 week program for domestic violence entitled […]

O.J. Simpson Sentenced!

The Juice was sentenced to 15 up to 33 years in the big house. He is eligible for parole in 6 9 years. Did he get enough? Too much? Was this redemption for the murder trial?-Dr.FB Thoughts?-Dr.FB