Nicki Minaj Rejoins Twitter & Drops New Video “Starships”

Nicki Minaj made sure to put in the "Starships" early in the video just to get straight to the skin. The star re-joined Twitter a couple of days before the video dropped.

More than likely, her record label pleaded with Nicki to get her Twitter account back. Finding ways to reach 10 million fans and then not reach them will make a record label blink 3 times fast.  The sar deleted her Twitter after leaks of her CD and most of her music was being downloaded for free.

The video shows Nicki in an outfit that will make sure the next time Kim Kardashian is shown on a beach, she will wear less fabric than Miss Minaj.

The song is catchy and drops a few "s" and "f" bombs just for the heck of it.  It will not be the jam of the summer, but you will be hearing a lot of it....and seeing a lot of it as well.  Unlike her last video, BET did not feel this was dirty enough to not have on when they actually play videos.-DocFB


Beyonce Bares Almost All In New Video “Best Thing I Never Had” Watch It Now!


From white lingerie to a white wedding dress, Beyonce covers it (barely) all in "Best Thing I Never Had" her latest music video.  This comes on the heels of her new CD "4" debuting at number 1, for her 4th consecutive number 1 CD. 

We all have had a few "best things we never had" right ladies...er..I mean fellas.  (Bass in voice.) Yea!

Let's face it; it sucks to be anyone but Jay-Z right now.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Honey B is Dominating Right Now