Video:Chelsea Handler Shows Off Her Rack In Shower Scene With Sandra Bullock

From Cameron Diaz and Gweneth Paltrow rapping about her new stage, and Jennifer Aniston giving Chelsea the exclusive on her engagement, Chelsea Handler topped it will getting naked in the shower with Sandra Bullock.

The late night hostess with the mostess and moistness jumped in the shower with Sandra Bullock showing she has quite the rack in the process.

Since the video automatically starts, we ask you to click on the continue reading button and know although covered, it is NSFW!!


Katy Perry Upgrades Her Umbrella

Katy Perry.  Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com

Katy Perry. Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com

Katy Perry was walking in the rain again and it seems she took our advice and got a new umbrella and put away her Hello Kitty umbrella.

Gotta lover her outfit as well.  Nice dress, nice tights, nice heels and a nice jacket over it.   She took to her Twitter "should I even shower or just stand outside for 1 minute?" 

Only if I can watch Katy.  Would Russel mind?  Nahhhh.-Dr.FB