Sinner Or Saint

Tamar Kaprelian Strikes Again!

TK Invaded DC! Photo: Tamar Kaprelian

We told you Tamar Kaprelian was a chameleon!  While on her current tour, TK has been hitting up local coffee shops along with airport coffee shops leaving promo cards for her upcoming hit CD “Sinner or Saint” and we love it. She invaded DC and Texas I believe with what we are dubbing Tamar’s Coffee […]

Tamar Kaprelian: Coming To An Airport Coffee Shop Near You!

Tamar Kaprelian's Airport Coffee Shop Takeover. Photo: Tamar Kaprelian

OK, I love this.  Not only because I used to do stuff like that when promoting myself but it just shows dedication. So, while Tamar Kaprelian has been on tour, she usually visits airport coffee shops and she leaves her mark.  No, she doesn’t open sugar packs and put them back.  The mark I am […]