There Is A God & He Is Not A Guido! Jersey Shore Ends After 6 Seasons!

After 6 seasons, the Jersey Shore will be leaving the MTV airwaves. No more Snooki. No more J-Wowww. No more Situation. No more Pauly D. Well…that is not exactly true. Snooki and J. Wowww have their own MTV show (Snooki And JWowww) now and so does Pauly D. (The Pauly D. Project.) but the rest […]

Bret Michaels Shows Us His Situation

Bret Michaels. Photo:

Bret Michaels is on the cover of the latest Billboard Magazine looking completely nude and showing us he has better abs than “The Situation” from the Jersey Shore. He discusses his health problems he had this year and his new VH-1 show. We are happy to see Bret, even if it may be more than […]