“Dearly Inebriated” Fallon And Myers Talk About PRINCE’s Surprise SNL After-Party Performance!

Prince & 3RDEYEGIRL-Dubai Photo NPG RECORDS 2015

On a night that saw Paul McCartney sing "Shake It Off" with Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande & Debbie Harry, Michael Bolton do "When A Man Loves A Woman", PRINCE along with 3RDEYEGIRL took over to close out what appears to be the best after-party ever....and it happened for Saturday Night Live!

Prince performed the Purple Rain classic "Let's Go Crazy" and Jimmy Fallon waxed poetic about the entire SNL afterparty and how Dave Chappelle let him know that Prince wants to play in some way if he plays his cards right. Fallon had a straight flush as Prince "floated to the stage. At least that is how Jimmy remembers it.

"In a room full of the coolest people on earth, Prince is the coolest person on earth".-Seth Myers

I would have LOVED to see Taylor Swift jam with 3RDEYGIRL but at least Haim was represented along with all the other celebs that were on stage.-DocFB

Diagnosis: In videos that were circulating before, Fallon was giving Prince the "call me" sign, hoping to get the singer to make his Fallon Tonight Show debut. Prince appeared on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon in March of 2013, a year before Fallon took over the Tonight Show reigns.