Sonny T.

Prince’s Lotusflow3r is About To Explode!

A PRINCE cd back in the day was an event and tonight will be no different. At 7:07 P.M. PST goes live and what happens at that time will be “epic”.  Everyone should be watching at exactly 7:07 P.M. PST Prince’s new 3 cd set which includes his new protege will be on tonight, […]

The List Of Musicians Performing With Prince In March Are….

MUSICIANS SLATED 2 PER4M WITH PRINCE 4 THE MONTH OF MARCH R AS FOLLOWS:   on Drums:                       MICHAEL BLAND  CC. DUNHAM  JOHN BLACKWELL on bass:    RHONDA SMITH  JOSHUA DUNHAM SONNY T.   keyboards:   RENATO NETO   MR. HAYES                 backing and co-lead vox:  SHELBY J.  LIV WARFIELD   ELISA FIORILLO    harmonica:  yONNET We just got this in from Prince’s camp. […]