Prince’s Lotusflow3r is About To Explode!

A PRINCE cd back in the day was an event and tonight will be no different.

At 7:07 P.M. PST Lotusflow3r.com goes live and what happens at that time will be "epic".  Everyone should be watching at exactly 7:07 P.M. PST

Prince's new 3 cd set which includes his new protege will be on Lotusflow3r.com tonight, which is also Prince's return to the web of having a whole new galaxy for fans to explore.

The long wait will be over for fans as the site is set to debut tonight at 7:07 P.M. Pacific Time  The galaxy will include the 3 new cd's along with 2 new videos from Prince, Crimson & Clover & Chocolate Box and the new one from Bria Valente, Everytime. 

Scott Addison Clay shared with us the video for Chocolate Box but instead of describing it, we will wait for you to see it when it debuts tonight.  There will be hours and hours of full screen videos and photos. There are also bells and whistles that are unlocked with Prince trivia.  You can play the guitar called Sonny named after Sonny T.

Trust me, at 7:07 P.M. tonight, I will have my credit card handy to pay the $77 dollar annual membership fee.

I want to thank Scott for including me in these events and for giving us a view to report to you. Also a special shout out to the PR team and Prince himself.  The journey is just beginning tonight.-Dr.FB

UPDATE:  From his people, here is info to pass along:

If anyone has trouble downloading stuff, try later tonight and just listen to what is on the player.
You may not get email confirmations for tickets until tomorrow.

If anyone has trouble downloading stuff, try later tonight and just listen to what is on the player.

The Europeans are being taken care of right now, it is being worked on and should now work for you.

they are working on cc for overseas members

A Whole New Galaxy Awaits

A Whole New Galaxy Awaits

A Whole New Galaxy Awaits

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  1. rename the .php to .zip and you should be good…

  2. how do we open these downloads? they’re in .php format.. ever heard of it.. i clicked to download in MP3.. any help?

  3. Doc, please let them know that the site is unable to process a credit card which has got “-” and “/” in the billing address!!!!!! I can’t register!!!!

  4. Im In!!

  5. firefox worked here too…

  6. I closed the page and started over again. Its working now

  7. my screen name finally works and i can log in…but there’s nothin on the site to click on or anything…

  8. Screen name is— Bria
    Password is —Valente

    Gets you in. I’m better then the Da Vinci code. Enjoy your $77 worth!

  9. Retards. Prince didn’t make the site, Scott did. Chill out!

  10. Shit I was wrong. Whoops. Sorry.

  11. Once I figured out how to “unlock” the registration page, everything’s working fine. Cool site so far . . .

  12. it’s way past 7 0 7 in LA. and the site doesn’t work. of course, it’s typical Prince crap. get us all hyped, and for what? the GD site won’t accept a screen name? i’ve used every thing i know to create a name and it says that it’s all ready taken? seriously? i dobut it. get it up, or tear it down

  13. yea its 7:30 here in CA

  14. ^^Yes it is its 7:30

  15. Guys calm down. It’s not 7:07 in LA yet.

  16. this is some bull SH*T all we’ve heard about is how bad this site is gonna be, and we can’t even fuc*ing sign in? come on.. this is lame as hell. either it’s ready or it’s not.. but if it’s not turn it off.

  17. Ive tried 3 different screen names no luck

  18. I have a screen name and its not letting me log in…. 🙁 i’m gonna cry!!

  19. It’s a game: Looks like you have to enter “1986” and “Los Angeles”

  20. I think right now there is a problem. If I hear anything, I will come back n post

  21. Anybody able to register?

  22. Did anyone have any success seeing all that is described above?

  23. Anyone having any luck? We can’t select a screenname…

  24. Yes, a special shout out to Prince and the PR team for giving us exclusive info, and in return we will sugarcoat all reviews and make things seem much better than they are! Glad to see, that “payola” is still alive, just in a different form…

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