Style? She Got It! Taylor Swift Releases Video For “Style”

Taylor Swift has released a new video for her song “Style”, an infectious groove from her latest album “1989”. Looks like I can hang up my James Dean framed picture again. Does that look really ever go out of style? Nope! A white t-shirt with a little bit of red lipstick on it sounds kinda […]

Katy Perry Waking Up In Paris

Shut up and put your crepes where your mouth is? Maybe. Katy Perry was in Paris this week.  Doing what?  I don’t really know.  Just glad the drink in her hand is water and not beer like others her age.  Liking the legging stuff she is wearing as well.  Stylishly sexy.  Hey, if Victoria Beckham […]

Is Lady GaGa That Originial?

Hmm.  A see thru shirt with the boobs taped with x’s?  Is this Lady GaGa 2009 or didn’t this look come from the 80’s?  Dang.  Can’t remember her name right now but an 80’s singer did the same stuff where she would wear that and smash up stuff on stage. Not dissing Lady GaGa but […]