Lady Gaga Wins Stylemaker Award

Lady Gaga  Photo: GettyImages.com

Lady Gaga  Photo: GettyImages.comLady Gaga accepted her stylemaker award as the 13th Annual 2009 ACE Awards.

Um, anyone want to explain what she is wearing? What is on her hands and legs?  I give up.  Now she is getting awards for what some say is brilliant style . But, I play the game. I put her on my site and her outfits get talked about. She plays the game, lovegame, too.

She makes everything more watchable though.  She is from the old school where you perform everywhere, but do different things. Not the same old song and dance. That, I like. The outfits. Whatever. But Saturday Night Live and the MTV Awards, were made watchable because she was on it.

Congrats on winning the style award, and trying to describe to me in 10 words or less what you are wearing.-Dr.FB