Susan Boyle

Ke$ha Hits #1 On Billboard & Funkenberry Radio

Kesha Or Ke$ha If Your Nasty. File Photo

Kesha or Ke$ha if your nasty,  within a week has hit number 1 spot  on Billboard chart as we predicted wirth her debut CD, taking away the number 1 spot from Susan Boyle who has a had a stranglehold on the top spot for over a month. It also did not take “Tik Tok” long […]

Adam Lambert Turns Down Kiss At Airport

Adam Lambert landed in LAX over the weekend fans at the LAX airport. The media had some fun with him while takings photos and videos of him. One of the male media asked Adam if he can kiss him. Adam smiled and declined. Ha! Adam Lambert’s new CD will debut how did on American Idol […]

Breaking! Susan Boyle Taken To Hospital

Susan Boyle, who less than 2 months ago was put into the spotlight by Britain’s Got Talent has been taken to the hospital. She is in a private clinic after suffering what is being called an “emotional breakdown” and that is all that is being said. We hope she recovers and it’s only a talent […]