Drfunkenberry Visits Andy Allo In The Studio…..


It's around 6:30 in the morning right now. I left the recording studio in Los Angeles with Andy Allo and some funky people a short time ago. I was able to hear some "Superconductor" tracks for the first time and full versions of songs. Long story, short, I was digging them.

I will go into further depth into the tracks and the things that transpired there but the Dr. has an appointment with the sandman right now.

From what I remember, there was some table tennis playing, somewhat one-sided mind you, some grooving in the studio, and getting deep into music, from the personal side to the business side.

It was a cool night and I will get deeper later but wanted to share what I could before I get a little rest. One problem though; those grooves on "Superconductor" may be playing in my head while it is laying on my pillow.

Might need to play some Sade to put me to sleep or something.-DocFB