Drfunkenberry Visits Andy Allo In The Studio…..


It's around 6:30 in the morning right now. I left the recording studio in Los Angeles with Andy Allo and some funky people a short time ago. I was able to hear some "Superconductor" tracks for the first time and full versions of songs. Long story, short, I was digging them.

I will go into further depth into the tracks and the things that transpired there but the Dr. has an appointment with the sandman right now.

From what I remember, there was some table tennis playing, somewhat one-sided mind you, some grooving in the studio, and getting deep into music, from the personal side to the business side.

It was a cool night and I will get deeper later but wanted to share what I could before I get a little rest. One problem though; those grooves on "Superconductor" may be playing in my head while it is laying on my pillow.

Might need to play some Sade to put me to sleep or something.-DocFB

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  1. laying it down ’til the sun comes up?

  2. I honestly like the friendship you have with Prince & friendss Allo much success to you. Thank you Doc.

  3. Thank you for posting this :)

  4. dr. you need to play ping pong with prince. he’ll smash the ball & even hit you in the nuts like he did to michael jackson. oh, did michael have any nuts!

  5. Prince teach me how to play old music new

    and the universal want me to distributed me.

  6. we are grooving with the Music from tge UNFRESH

  7. old music from 60,s and 70,s in new Miss Allo UNFRESH interpretations

    just great

  8. sounds pretty cool!

  9. HOW VERY EXCITING!!!!!! I can’t wait to hear the rest of the story!!! Lol!

  10. sleep tight :)

  11. Sweet

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