Video: Sam Rubin Slams Perez Hilton

You know I am loving this. LOVING it.  Perez Hilton was scheduled to be on the KTLA Morning News yesterday, a local affiliate in Los Angeles to promote his book, stuff that you could read on his blog for free anyway.

Well, he and his people started being rude and making demands to the KTLA staff.  He wanted to bump Snoop Dogg from his interview spot. WTF?  Perez, you think you are way bigger than you are.

Rubin called Perez a "talentless dope" and Perez actually had the gall to ask to be booked on the show.  What did Sam say about that?  Check the video.

BTW, KTLA, I love you guys. Love.  Would love to do stuff with you in the future.  Let's talk and thanks for putting the talentless one in his place.-Dr.FB