Teddy Riley

Old School Jam Of The Moment “Get With You” By Guy

The Old School Jam Of The Moment is “Get With You” by Guy. Aside from Teddy Riley, for a no-prize, can you name the other members of Guy? Check out “Get With You” by Guy n tell me if you are still vibing to it.-Dr.FB

Video: Remember Blackstreet? Teddy Riley Does

Teddy Riley ripped the members of Blackstreet, his former group big time on his facebook page for this performance. Teddy Riley said: “DO YALL SEE THIS ISH???? THATS WHY YOU DON’T SEE BLACKSTREET NOW CUZ THEY’RE DOING ISH LIKE THIS. BROKE A** N*G**S!!!!! That’s some harshness right there. But see the clip before you type […]