1. violeyskye

    Thats so funky. Oh Lawd!! I’m hearing Jimmy and Terry MPLS all over that with a little Rhythm Nation thrown in. Then mix in a little MJ with a lowdown JAM. Its too hot!! Lower the flame on the skillet before the hash browns overcook!!!

  2. Twinkly1

    Love it. It would be nice if today’s hip hop crowd had that kind of respectable vibe. just saying.

  3. ChrisG

    AHHHHHHHH I was CLOSE!! Damian Hall, Aaron’s little brother! Here’s a question for ya, what was their only #1 hit? The most shocking part is it’s NOT Let’s Chill!!! How on earth was that only #3??? Yep My Fantasy was their only #1 hit. Shocker.

    Love the Old School Jams!!!

  4. ChrisG

    You KNOW that’s my JAMMMM!!!! I’m not cheating here, but the other members are Aaron Hall, and… ummm Crazy Legs or somethin like that?! lol I can’t remember his name!! Damon? Effit now I gotta look it up after I post this!

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