Elton John One-Ups Andre Agassi

It seemed like for a while, they were keeping the ball away from Elton John but he got involved and lobbed a ball to Andre Agassi.  What happened?  Check out the video above.-Dr.FB

Venus Williams Outfit: Too Hot For Tennis Court?

Venus Williams Photo: Patrck Korvick.

Venus Williams had her first match at the French Open yesterday but her outfit is being talked about more than her play. She wore what seemed like a corset with skin tone undershorts during her match.  The skin tone shorts were worn last year by her sister Serena Williams. So, I ask you, is this […]

John Mayer: What A Racket

John Mayer. Photo:

John Mayer was seen playing Tennis in Australia and having a pretty good time. It does not seem like Tennis is “Heartbreak Warfare” for John at all.-Dr.FB

Serena Williams Loses It In Controversial Ending

A very unprofessional Serena Williams was eliminated from the U.S. Open. Should she have been penalized for what she did? She was pissed and her emotions get the best of her. Threatening to shove a ball down someone’s throat or a@@ is kind of going too far me thinks.-Dr.FB

Rafael Nadel Gets His Girlfriend Game, Set, Match

Rafael Nadel and his insanely beautiful girlfriend Mariah Francesca Perello were in the just as lovely Spain hanging out. Although when you are a tennis stud like Rafael, you get a girlfriend who is tanned everywhere and is hot like soup.  He better enjoy it because he returns to action August 8th. If there is […]