Serena Williams Loses It In Controversial Ending

A very unprofessional Serena Williams was eliminated from the U.S. Open.

Should she have been penalized for what she did?

She was pissed and her emotions get the best of her. Threatening to shove a ball down someone's throat or a@@ is kind of going too far me thinks.-Dr.FB

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  1. & I certainly don’t think the line judge deserved any apology considering she proved herself as a liar.

  2. If you ask me, the line judge should’ve though before she spoke.
    In my opinion that was a bad call.
    Then, to make it worse…the line judge said that Serena said she was gonna kill her….NOW THAT WAS A BOLD FACED LIE..from the line judge (who’s unprofessional now?????????)
    Serena didn’t say that, (LISTEN AGAIN IF YOU MUST)…she didn’t say anything about killin’ anybody.
    …Which leads me to this question…
    (here we go again…same old $hit)
    Am I the only 1 who sensed racial tension goin’ on there?????

    All I know is…if the line judge made a bad call against me…
    and then twisted what I said into “she said she was gonna kill me”

    It would’ve been street meets court—-no love.

  3. Great!Anothr example of bad behavior!Nobody’s perfect but people need to remember “Think before you speak!”And show not only a little bit of respect for your self but for others as well.

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