Terminator 4

Ben Stiller: The Real Terminator At The Box Office

The Terminator has one movie to pass to make number 1 and it couldn’t do it.  What stood in Christian Bale’s path?  Ben Stiller. It was a dismal Memorial Day Weekend and it is because there was no salvation for the Terminator.  Grossing $53 million over the weekend and $67 million over 5 days, it […]

Christian Bale Calls KROQ: “I Was Out of Order.”

Christian Bale called L.A. radio station KROQ 106.7FM to speak with Kevin and Bean this morning and apologize for the rant heard ’round the world. He says he resolved differences with Terminator 4 DP Shane Hurlbut later that very day, and adds that Shane did a “wonderful, professional job.” “Please, I am asking people, do […]

Christian Bale’s Dulcet Tones

You know what this is. Christian Bale launches a whole arsenal of F-bombs on a poor, defenseless DP on the set of Terminator 4. Get to a fallout shelter and seek cover. RATED R: For Strong Rse-holery. Why so serious, Christian? Let’s put a smile on that face!