New Video: The Game Featuring Chris Brown “Pot Of Gold”


The new video by The Game "Pot Of Gold" features Chris Brown singing the hook.  He talks about his life and being real and that he only owes Interscope Records 2 more albums and he will be gone for good.  Hmm.

Chris Brown's hook seems like he can relate to what The Game is going through and wish he could go back to simpler times...for himself.

It is cool to hear The Game do a track like this, you know, without having to diss everyone else n go off on them.  This track is chill and I am feeling it.

Check out the video for "Pot Of Gold" by The Game and the blonde Chris Brown.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Jackpot


Video Premiere: The Game Featuring Robin Thicke & T.I. “Pushin It”

"Pushin It" is the latest video from The Game featuring Robin Thick and T.I., but good luck finding them in the video.

They pulled a George Michael "Freedom" move and had ladies do the lyrics for them. 

All right then.  Let me know what you think of the song...and the video.-Dr.FB


What’s Up Doc? Dr.Funkenberry Interviews JARED EVAN

Welcome to the revamped style of "What's Up Doc?" as we interview JARED EVAN.

We talk to him about his love for Led Zeppelin, working with Dr. Dre and Pharrell and The Game. 

Also, we take you behind the scenes of the making of "I'm In Love With You" and in the studio with Pharrell and The Game.

Check out the interview above and let me know what you think.-Dr.FB


Video: Jared Evan, The Game, And Pharrell In The Studio

Check out this video above of Jared Evan with the Game and Pharrell in the studio checking out "I'm In Love With You" which is Jared's debut single.

Check out The Game's and Pharrell talking about the track at the end.-Dr.FB


Jay Z Tops Hip Hop Money Makers List


jayJay Z is nothing but D.O.A. when it comes to leading the list of top money makers in Hip Hop & Rap.

Forbes released their annual list and Jay topped it by bringing in $35 million in the past year. 50 Cent pulled in $20 million while Kanye pulling in $25 million and Lil Wayne pulling in $18 million. That's a  lot of lollipops to say the least.

Here is the list:

1 - Jay-Z - $35 million
2 - Diddy - $30 million
3 - Kanye West - $25 million
4 - 50 Cent - $20 million
5 - Akon - $20 million
6 - Lil Wayne - $18 million
7 - Timbaland - $17 million
8 - Pharrell Williams - $15 million
9 - T-Pain - $15 million
10 - Eminem - $14 million
11 - Dr. Dre - $13 million
12 - Snoop Dogg - $11 million
13 - Ludacris - $10 million
14 - Swizz Beatz - $8 million
15 - T.I. - $8 million
18 - Will.i.am - $8 million
18 - Common - $8 million
18 - Big Boi - $7 million
18 - Andre 3000 - $7 million
20 - Flo Rida - $6 million
20 - Rick Ross - $6 million
20 - The Game - $6 million
20 - Young Jeezy - $6 million

Interesting to me how many on the list have thier own clothing line or other ventures.-Dr.FB


Michael Jackson Tribute Song “Better On The Other Side” Hits The Web

That was quick. Very quick. A Michael Jackson tribute song has hit the web.

The song is said to feature The Game, Chris Brown, Diddy, Polow The Don, Mario Winans, Usher and Boyz II Men, produced by DJ Khalil. I say said because several of these artists were in different places in the world when this was recorded.

He led a very tortured life, his entire life, not just the past 16 years.  Who knows, maybe for him, it is "better on the other side" n I will leave it at that.-Dr.FB

UPDATE: Diddy confirmed to me via Twitter that all the artists mentioned made this tribute to MJ.


The Game And Stacey Dash Hitting The Hollywood Streets

The Game and Stacy Dash wireimage
The Game and Stacy Dash wireimage

The Game and Stacy Dash wireimage

The Game and the stunning Ms. Stacey Dash are working the streets of Hollywood shooting their upcoming film 'House Arrest'.  Stacey is one beautiful lady :)  No comment on The Game.

Movie is based on a very high maintenance gal bumping into a money scheming man.

Stacy Dash and The Game wireimage.com

Stacy Dash and The Game wireimage.com