Sherman Hemsley From Hit TV Show “The Jeffersons” Found Dead

Sherman Hemsley File Photo

Sherman Hemsley, most famous for his portrayal of George Jefferson on "The Jeffersons" has passed away. He was found dead in house in El Paso, TX today.

His nurse discovered his body, thinking at first the legendary actor was asleep. When she noticed he was not, she then called paramedics.

Appearing as a popular character on "All In The Family" Sherman was able to parlay the role into a spin-off that became "The Jeffersons" which became a monster hit.  Both shows dealt with racism and social issues that they would not be able to get away with today,

Hemsley was 74 years old and was not married nor did he have any kids.

Thank you Sherman for years of laughs on "All In The Family", "The Jeffersons", and on "Amen" as well.  Also, for one of the best TV themes of all time.  You will be missed.  I will leave that whole he is in the deluxe apartment in the sky to all the other bloggers who will think they were creative to use it.-DocFB


Lenny Kravitz Performs Acoustic Version Of “Thinking Of You”

Lenny Kravitz celebrated his late mother birthday over the weekend by performing a song he wrote in tribute to her.

"Thinking Of You" was written about Roxie Roker and was featured on his CD "5" before.

Many of you may know that Lenny's mother was on the classic television show "The Jeffersons" so you may get a kick out of Lenny's tribute at the end.

What do you think of LK's tribute to his mom?-Dr.FB 

Film by Mathieu Bitton/Candy Tangerine Productions.