WWE’s Might Have A Mouse Problem…And It’s Not The Miz!

WWE's flagship show "Monday Night Raw" was in San Diego this past Monday and caught on live TV, was a mouse.  It was right next to Alberto Del Rio, who plays a rat week in and week out.

The Sports Arena is already claiming a fan let it loose as it is a white store-bought mouse and not a dirty brown mouse.  That still doesn't explain Del Rio sharing time with the creature.

Check out the video above.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Daniel Bryan Is Slightly Bigger....


WWE’s “The Miz” Joins Keenan Cahill For Lip Sync Fest

Well, I guess since he is not even on the card for SummerSlam yet, that he has some time on his hands. The Miz is the latest star to lip synch with Kennan Cahill. This time to "I Came To Play" his wrestling entrance music.

Kennan is not lipsynching as well as he was a year ago. The kid does have a disease n is pulling in a lot of dough from t-shirt sales and personal appearances.

Joining the video half way in is another WWE super star, John Morrison. It takes the image of of Kennan's lip synching and gives you something to watch.

Check out the video above.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: Puttin' On The Hits