The Proposal

Sandra Bullock Gains Momentum

Outside of the SAG Awards on the Red Carpet, Sandra Bullock dazzeled in a blue and black dress with her husband Jesse James by her side. Inside the SAG Awards, Sandra shared a moment with her “The Proposal” co-star, the legendary Betty White.  Along with that, she won best actress for “The Blind Side”, just […]

Sandra Bullock Blind Sides New Moon From #1 Spot

Sandra Bullock took on “New Moon” and in the end, she won!   Both movies debuted 3 weeks ago with “New Moon” setting records.  Bullock’s movie “Blind Side” movie would have been number 1 any other weekend.  Last weekend, her movie stayed very strong while “New Moon” had a hefty decline. In it’s 3rd week […]

The Proposal Has The Box Office Saying “I Do”

“The Proposal” with Sandra Bulllock & Ryan Reynolds debuted at number 1 at the box office bringing in about $34 million. “The Hangover” came in at number 2 making $26 million while Year One came in 3rd making $20 million. I know I said earlier this week that “The Proposal” would knock “The Hangover” from the […]

Video: The Proposal With Ryan Reynolds & Sandra Bullock

Here is the trailer for “The Proposal” featuring Ryan Reynolds & Sandra Bullock and also featuring Betty White.  You might remember last month we posted a funny behind the scenes comedy piece of Ryan going off on Betty White. So far, comedies, which there has been a lack of so far this year, are what […]

Video: Ryan Reynolds Goes Off On Betty White

Here is something new from  It is a behind the scenes look at the new Sandra Bullock & Ryan Reynolds movie “The Proposal”, which also stars Golden Girl Betty White. See Betty White & Ryan Reynolds go off on each other and Sandra Bullock show why husband Jesse James doesn’t screw with her! Enjoy.-Dr.FB