Sandra Bullock Blind Sides New Moon From #1 Spot

Sandra Bullock harpers bazaar
Sandra Bullock harpers bazaar

Sandra Bullock Harpers Bazaar

Sandra Bullock took on "New Moon" and in the end, she won!

  Both movies debuted 3 weeks ago with "New Moon" setting records.  Bullock's movie "Blind Side" movie would have been number 1 any other weekend.  Last weekend, her movie stayed very strong while "New Moon" had a hefty decline.

In it's 3rd week of release, " Blind Side" declined but not as much as "New Moon" and now has the number 1 spot, which is a rarity for movies to do nowadays.

Congrats to Sandra Bullock for her second number 1 movie of the year, as "he Proposal" was number 1 earlier this year.-Dr.FB

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