The Wanted

The Wanted Release Video For “We Own The Night”

“We Own The Night” shows The Wanted boys, Max George, Siva Kanaswaran, Tom Parker, and Jay McGuiness, partying all night. So Wanted fans, can he really play guitar or is he holding it to look cool in the video? Curious. I mean, that was them playing pool as well…right? Were they really drunk as well? […]

The Wanted “I Found You” Video Gets Over 5 Million Views In 1st Week

“I Found You” by The Wanted will be released as a single on November 4th. The video in it’s first week received over 5 million views. Seriously. The video features the band walking the streets while we see a woman bound and gagged. The find a house n start beating some ass, you know, like […]

Britney Spears Team Slams The Wanted For Slamming Her!

Britney Spears & The Wanted File Photo

Last year, The Wanted opened up for Britney Spears on her UK Tour. This year, they slammed the pop princess. It was not for her singing or habits either. The boy band says they were instructed during the tour to never look at her. This comes less than a week after the band slammed Christina […]

The Wanted Release New Video For “Chasing The Sun”

The Wanted, a “boy band” have just released “Chasing The Sun” their new video. The Wanted finds itself in direct competetion with other “boy band” One Direction. This has happened twice before; in the 90;s with NSYNC and The Backstreet Boys and in the late 80’s with New Kids On The Block and The Boys. […]