The Watchmen

Vanessa Hudgens Official “Sucker Punch” Trailer

Vanessa Hudgens. Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures

Vanessa Hudgens. Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures “Sucker Punch” stars Vanessa Hudgens (Zac Efron’s Girl) and Abbie Cornish, Emily Browning, Jamie Chung, and Jena Malone and is made by the director of 300 and The Watchmen. Here is the clip below that debuted at Comic-Con.-Dr.FB

“Witch Mountain” Tops “The Watchmen” At The Box Office

Escape To Witch Mountain took in $25 Million at the box office. The Watchmen placed at number two with $18 million, dropping 67% over the last week. I Love You, Man debuts this weekend against the latest Julia Roberts film.  Has Julia been away to long to find box office gold?  We will see.-Dr.FB