Avril Lavigne Makes Out With “Winnie Cooper” From “Wonder Years” In New Video

(In Wonder Years commentary voice)

Ahh. "Rock N Roll". It was a clear, bright day. I saw this girl wearing a lot of eyeliner dressed up as "Tank Girl" like it was 2002. It wasn't though. It was 2013. She couldn't compare to my sweet, sweet Winnie. Ahh. Winnie Cooper. The LOVE of my life. Mrs. Kevin Arnold she would be one day.

The girl with the heavy eyeliner, I think her name was Avril was in a fighting mood. It seemed to be over a costumed villain who was holding the evil guy from that movie "Titanic" hostage.

While chasing the villain, Avril and my Winnie took off in a car to chase him. The car crashed and they....no....no...no! Tell me this isn't happening. It is. Winnie Cooper is kissing that Lavigne girl. I should have known that CD of Nickleback in her collection wasn't really her brothers!

Lavigne may be rock n roll but will we have to wait 20 years for her to dress up as a "Kick-Ass" comic book character?-DocFB

Diagnosis: Bonus points if anyone knows who was Kevin Arnold's voice over for "The Wonder Years"......