Stevie Wonder Pays A Visit To Michael Jackson’s Tomb

Michael Jackson & Stevie Wonder Back In The Day......
Michael Jackson & Stevie Wonder Back In The Day......

Michael Jackson & Stevie Wonder Back In The Day......

It's hard to believe it will be a year later this month that Michael Jackson passed away. 

Longtime friend Stevie Wonder visited Michael Jackson's burial site over the weekend, according to TMZ.com and it wasn't planned.

Stevie went to visit his mother's grave and his 3 children wanted to visit Michael's resting place.

Stevie's performance and what he said at Michael's memorial service, which I was grateful to attend, still ring fresh in my memory, and it was a touching moment I will never forget.-Dr.FB


Photos Of Michael Jackson’s Resting Place Leaked

TMZ Photos Obtained Of MJ's Crypt/Tomb. Photos Provided By ?

TMZ Photos Obtained Of MJ's Crypt/Tomb. Photos Provided By ?

The photos above are from TMZ.  They were posted on November 8th without a photo credit and are of Michael Jackson's tomb.

It appears the photos were from Karen Faye, a longtime Jackson employee, who did Michael Jackson's make-up and is very friendly with MJ's brother Randy Jackson.

Some people are led to believe that TMZ swiped these photos from Karen's Face book page.  However, if that were true, the photos would have been taken down by now or a credit would have been given as they have posted info from Face book accounts before.  TMZ is too smart to swipe photos people.

Drfunkenberry.com has learned exclusively (Not exclusively as TMZ knows how much they paid) that TMZ paid over $100,000 for the photos.

TMZ has a policy of when paying for photos that it has to be the person who took the photos in the first place to be paid.  They are not going to swipe photos from a facebook account or take them from someone second hand. 

 So, it had to be the person who took the photos, Karen Faye, or say someone close to Karen, such as Randy Jackson.  You have to sign the agreement with TMZ as they now become the owners of the photos, so no photo credit is needed.

I am told that Karen took mementos from fans that were sent in as she sent out a message weeks prior that  that she would be going to Michael's  grave site and would put what fans sent in around his tomb.  The photos were posted on Karen's face book page a few weeks ago and ended up on TMZ Sunday.

It's interesting because if Karen wasn't paid and since she is the owner of the photos, why are they still on TMZ?  She is trying to make it sound like someone swiped the photos and gave them to TMZ but that is not the case.

I think it is highly WRONG that you are posting private photos of his tomb in the first place, weather on a face book account or not.  Then to turn around and make a profit off of them when you say youwere posting  it "for the fans" as you say, it just straight up unprofessional as a former employee and someone who claims to do Michael right.

Now, if any of this information is not true, you can contact me and prove otherwise. TMZ, if posting these photos with your watermark is wrong and want it taken down, you can contact me as well.  TMZ owns the photos hence why the watermark is there and why Karen is not making a stink for the photos to be taken down or even taken off her face book page. 

What do you think of these photos coming out and the circumstances around them?-Dr.FB