Photos Of Michael Jackson’s Resting Place Leaked

Photos Of Michael Jackson’s Resting Place Leaked

TMZ Photos Obtained Of MJ's Crypt/Tomb. Photos Provided By ?

The photos above are from TMZ.  They were posted on November 8th without a photo credit and are of Michael Jackson’s tomb.

It appears the photos were from Karen Faye, a longtime Jackson employee, who did Michael Jackson’s make-up and is very friendly with MJ’s brother Randy Jackson.

Some people are led to believe that TMZ swiped these photos from Karen’s Face book page.  However, if that were true, the photos would have been taken down by now or a credit would have been given as they have posted info from Face book accounts before.  TMZ is too smart to swipe photos people. has learned exclusively (Not exclusively as TMZ knows how much they paid) that TMZ paid over $100,000 for the photos.

TMZ has a policy of when paying for photos that it has to be the person who took the photos in the first place to be paid.  They are not going to swipe photos from a facebook account or take them from someone second hand. 

 So, it had to be the person who took the photos, Karen Faye, or say someone close to Karen, such as Randy Jackson.  You have to sign the agreement with TMZ as they now become the owners of the photos, so no photo credit is needed.

I am told that Karen took mementos from fans that were sent in as she sent out a message weeks prior that  that she would be going to Michael’s  grave site and would put what fans sent in around his tomb.  The photos were posted on Karen’s face book page a few weeks ago and ended up on TMZ Sunday.

It’s interesting because if Karen wasn’t paid and since she is the owner of the photos, why are they still on TMZ?  She is trying to make it sound like someone swiped the photos and gave them to TMZ but that is not the case.

I think it is highly WRONG that you are posting private photos of his tomb in the first place, weather on a face book account or not.  Then to turn around and make a profit off of them when you say youwere posting  it “for the fans” as you say, it just straight up unprofessional as a former employee and someone who claims to do Michael right.

Now, if any of this information is not true, you can contact me and prove otherwise. TMZ, if posting these photos with your watermark is wrong and want it taken down, you can contact me as well.  TMZ owns the photos hence why the watermark is there and why Karen is not making a stink for the photos to be taken down or even taken off her face book page. 

What do you think of these photos coming out and the circumstances around them?-Dr.FB



  • Alex
    Posted at 17:19h, 11 November

    Velo, you’re not going to get that there. There are a few “fans” of Karen’s (fans of Michael’s that connect to Karen? Whatever.) that will have a conversation like that with you, but many on that page will not listen to reason. I agree with them to a point – that it is unfair to make an assumption like this – but not that it is not worth discussing. If there could be a place for people to actually discuss this without being rude and mean, that’d be fabulous. Is this the place? LOL

    Like I said, I want to believe in Karen too. I really really do. But… well, you know.

    I don’t think she’s “evil” at any rate, either.

  • was also there
    Posted at 17:17h, 11 November

    They are all here reading…HALLO 🙂
    But nobody writes a word.
    Code Red from Karen in”Karenland” to “Karens Soldiers” ,
    that is authentic ! I dont joke about this .
    But I must say , that this was not her idea.
    The whole thing just flows, she is a real connection to Michael.
    Probably we would do something similar if we were her.

  • was also there
    Posted at 17:10h, 11 November

    …and the Apfelkopfs as well 🙂

    I saw it and was laughing how surreal the scenery.
    You were lucky that its just happening online !

    I also want the truth behind all

  • filocast2
    Posted at 17:01h, 11 November

    I just want to say, I don’t believe Ms. Faye to have a bad heart, or even bad intentions, necessarily. I think she is grieving like all of us, and needs her page the way many seem to need it for their own reasons. A part of me believes she posted the pics of MJ”s resting place truly for her ‘friends’, but I also believe she did agree to the sale to TMZ, along with Randy. Is that so wrong?? Who knows…. I do have my opinions though. I have heard Ms. Faye is not in a very good financial spot in her life these days, and could seriously make use of the money. Would we do the same if in her position? Maybe….. Perhaps it wasn’t initially her idea to sell, but Randy’s, and after some convincing, she agreed, perhaps reluctantly…? Maybe she regrets, who knows..?

    Again, all I’m saying is that at times, she does not come across as sincere as many think she is…… I am always suspicious anyway, just how I am… I just don’t get the fanatics on there.

  • Velo
    Posted at 16:55h, 11 November

    Thank you. This is exactly what I had hoped for on Karen’s FB page yesterday – an intelligent debate without resorting to name-calling and personal attacks.

    Let me say however, that “Velo” and “Mone” are two different people. LOL We are friends, but not the same person.

    Karen preaches love and respect on her page, yet within moments of my post on her page last night her followers called me a bitch, a loser, told me I make them puke and was told to go to hell several times. Not long after, they used those same filthy mouths to profess their undying love and support to Karen herself. Does this not fly in the face of all that Michael stood for?? L.O.V.E. is not a catch-phrase, it’s ACTION.

    I want the truth behind everything just as much as all of you do – but not just the truth from Murray, Ortega, Phillips, et al. Karen Faye isn’t exempt from that scrutiny.

    If those photos were indeed “stolen” as Karen Faye repeatedly suggests, then why has she not demanded they be removed from TMZ’s website?

    If we step back from the emotion for a moment and look at this objectively, and with the knowledge that for chrissakes Karen Faye is NOT MICHAEL JACKSON (yes, this was actually an item in defense on her page yesterday), not all is as it seems, nor advertised. But then again, this isn’t the first time fans have been ‘taken’ by Karen Faye.

  • filocast2
    Posted at 16:51h, 11 November

    was also there:

    OMG- you said it! The whole “Voter for Shawn” thing!!! Give me a break… ridiculous the way some people are constantly posting “vote, vote!” Such kiss asses… another perfect example of the point I was trying to make. Nice to know there are others that exist who have a grasp on reality!

    Thank you!

  • Alex
    Posted at 16:51h, 11 November


    All I ever saw her say about a book was that she might write one one day. I guess if what you say is true, she is contradicting herself. My apologies.

  • was also there
    Posted at 16:50h, 11 November

    sorry for my harsh post,
    but i was so sickened already.

    i dont say Karen is selling out Michael Jackson,
    he is gone and she needs to take whats left.
    He didnt mention her in his last will?
    Sorry again, I know that sounds mean, but as you say filo
    dont get into mania and wake up, people.
    This internet is a great medium for us people to connect though 🙂

  • was also there
    Posted at 16:40h, 11 November

    filocast, great!

    isn`t it frightening?
    Its like a Macchiavelli study.
    they are in “war with the others” already,
    it`s completely hysteric and Mrs Karen got other things to do,haha
    She is not there anymore actually, the cake is in the oven.
    1 message a day: “I am so busy. Your love is overwhelming.
    I try to log in later.”
    Just when its about lets say lipstick alley ,
    some Michael/Karen disciple reported that she s mentioned
    suddenly 3 min after Working Karen is there:
    Investigate this for me” HaHaHa
    And they DID immediately!
    Or Karens nephew Shawn :
    Vote for Shawn !
    His parents and his auntie want to get him into a fucking contest!
    ” I did. 2589 ! Love to Karen! ”
    Its really a study for me.
    But little frightening

  • filocast2
    Posted at 16:23h, 11 November


    With all due respect, you are the one that needs to be doing more research. Ms Faye has on numerous occasions said she is in the middle of writing a book. I am not sure if you are a ‘friend’ on her FB page or not, but she has said it many times. A direct quote from her is,

    “if you guys won’t buy books from other people, why do you say you will buy my book…?”

    She has also said early on that she was going to see the movie, TII, because she needed to do research for her book she is working on… however, later changed her mind, and did not attend the premier. She did, however, end up seeing the movie several days later.

    All I have to say to you all is wake up…. not all things/people are what they appear to be. Stop being so blinded by Michael mania, and keep things in perspective.

  • Alex
    Posted at 16:13h, 11 November

    First of all, she has never said she is writing a book. Please do your research. (That was obviously not to the OP.)

    Second of all, with regards to the photos… I do not know what to think, to be honest. Karen has been asked about it and has responded (I am not going to post her response her.), but you’re right in saying that she has not addressed these questions. If TMZ stole her pictures, why not take legal action or at least have TMZ take them down? That said, I have a VERY hard time believing that she would sell out Michael like that.. it doesn’t make any sense to me. In thirty years of working with him, she has never betrayed him. She has never sold him out. And all of a sudden, she did?

    Of course, there is the possibility that the pictures were all over the place and as such, she figured she might as well sell them. I don’t know.

    Or what if Randy sold them?

    This whole thing is a mess and I am honestly concerned. I would like to believe in Karen Faye… she has always seemed a loyal friend to Michael… and even now is ADAMANT that she had NOTHING to do with these pictures being sold.

    I just wish I knew what to believe. I really want to believe in her.

    As for posting the pictures on Facebook, I have to say that I understand why she did that. I also have to say that it should not have come as a shock that the pictures got out … of course they are going to get out.

    So, what this rant boils down to it… WTF.

    Karen, PLEASE, if you had nothing to do with this, SUE THEM. Get them taken down. ADDRESS THESE ISSUES. Fans trust you.. fans love you… and these same fans have no idea what to think now. Trust me. They’re nervous. They believe in you, still, but they’re nervous. Please don’t just let this fade into the background – because it won’t. Do something about this.

  • Goral
    Posted at 16:09h, 11 November

    Velo, Mona …Respect 😉

    I saw you in FB and you don`t seem to be freaked out like many others.
    Where do I find a serious community that I can share my views and questions?
    In FB you are not contactable , nice thing…how you do it 😉

  • filocast2
    Posted at 16:06h, 11 November


    Everyone is entitled to to believe what they wish. However, Ms Faye, in my opinion, is unstable and an attention whore– I know it sounds harsh, but I am also a friend on her page, and am appalled by the fandom that exists… And for whom? A make-up artist? She is a profiter, hence why she is writing a book. There will be nothing in her book that most fans do not already know about Michael. It will sell, however, because MJ fans will snatch up anything relating to him… I can just see it now…. “Long time friend and make-up artist, Karen Faye, reveals in this new tell all……” blah, blah, blah….. $$$$
    Her FB page serves just to boost her ego… why else would she open up another after she passed 5,000?? Most people would just stop there, it’s hard enough to keep up with all those ‘friends’ on one page, let alone on 2.
    For those of you who are on her page, you may recall a few days ago, Karen posted something on her wall. I can’t remember exactly what she wrote, so I won’t try to quote her because I will fail. However, I do remember her saying something like, “Michael said this________… now follow me:” and she was going to add more, but had no room and needed to continue below to finish writing. Well, many friends or fans of hers didn’t even wait for her to finish writing what she wanted us to follow her on, and began commenting stuff like, “okay, Karen”, “yes, I’ll follow you”, “whatever you say, I believe you”, “I will always follow you forever, I love you”…… CRAZY! I’m done with her page, and the majority of the people on there are just as unstable as Karen is, and need to get a serious life.

    Poor, poor Michael……….

  • LexAve456
    Posted at 15:26h, 11 November

    What Karen Faye did was sick and disgusting and for TMZ to post those pics up just shows how classless TMZ is, but then again, this is TMZ we’re talking about here. What they sow, they will reap.

  • zooitje1
    Posted at 15:19h, 11 November

    Velo,I have no issues with the pictures at all and for what it’s worth I do NOT believe for 1 minute that KFK sold them.Someone has done that and not for her or at her request.
    As far as the book is concerned,you clearly don’t know what you are talking about.
    You would do better,to have your beef with susan etok.

  • Velo
    Posted at 15:15h, 11 November

    Lady – Randy Jackson was with her. He’s apparently not above selling stories to TMZ.

    And yeah, it is disgusting.

  • LadyFingers607
    Posted at 15:09h, 11 November


    Sorry, but when I see things like this, I think someone someone should check Jermaine and Papa Joe’s bank account activity

  • Velo
    Posted at 14:46h, 11 November

    Thank you, Doc. It always comes out in the wash… in time.

    It saddens many of us that it appears there was absolutely no one around Michael that was loyal and trustworthy. Betrayal can be had – for the right price, of course.

    Spend some time on her Facebook page and see just how she’s honoring Michael. The vitriol spewed there on a daily basis not only by her faithful minions, but by herself, as well. I’m all for exposing the truth behind AEG/Sony, but she’s not exempt from that examination either.

    Footnote: Karen Faye is also writing a book.

  • ertccty
    Posted at 14:11h, 11 November

    A display of total lack of respect!But of course we did know that some schmuck would not be able to resist the temptation of getting their grubby hands on something like this! People have no shame nowadays and it is very sad!

    RIP Michael

  • Georgie
    Posted at 13:03h, 11 November

    I might be wrong, but it does not look like a private chapel and his tomb is clearly in view. I remember going tomb hunting at Forest Lawn, morbid but facinating.
    I do not feel it’s tasteless at all and am inclined to say good on her as plenty of people are curious to see his final resting place.
    I’m so relieved he’s not been shut up in some kind of drawer tomb, but has got something a bit more roomy and sumptious. He’s got a great spot there.
    If the family had released an official picture, this would have been prevented, but anyhoo I think the ex -employee sounds most genuine and I guess she could consider the payment as loss of earnings?

  • melissa
    Posted at 12:26h, 11 November

    doesnt surprise me in the least, but wrong. 2 claim 2 b someone’s friend, and then turn around and betray them 4 profit. its so gross.
    that’s my 2 cents doc.

  • zspot
    Posted at 12:01h, 11 November

    i think this so wrong ….why!!!!! this is beyond tacky

  • b3xy
    Posted at 10:43h, 11 November

    It wouldnt surprise me if Karen sold them, they were posted on her fb site in a file called ‘This Is Really It’ and uploaded the day the film was released (possible the day after).

    She has upset alot of the fans by her profile comments such as saying the red carpet at the premiere was like Michael’s blood and she wouldnt be attending the premiere becasue she could be sitting next to the murder.

    Everyone is entitle to their own views a large % of the fans think he was murdered but alot of the fans still wanted to see the film. As some sort of closure, sure we know it will have been edited to show him in a good light but seeing it is a moment of escapism to try and forget. But her comments stick in peoples heads and make them feel worse about wanting to go and see it.

    The weird thing is she is having her own little fanclub form, I guess its fans who are desperate to be near Michael/people who were close to Michael. She is definately liking the attention unlike other people who worked with him for just as long who havent kept posting stories and would never dream of betraying Michael in the same way.

  • Chocolate_Box
    Posted at 10:42h, 11 November

    Tacky Tacky Tacky. That is someones private grave. But in MJ’s case not surprising this was bound to happen….I’m surprise it didn’t happen sooner

  • Controversy12
    Posted at 10:13h, 11 November

    Sad … I logged in so I could commit .. but I just don’t know what to say.

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