Video Premiere: Nick Jonas “Who I Am”

Here is Nick Jonas debut solo video, backed up by the New Power Administration.  Nick is following the Justin Timberlake formula of getting former Prince band members to back you up and you seem like a funky white boy. 

Nick is backed by Michael Bland, Sonny Thompson and Tommy Barberella, all 3 who have played with Prince before.  I am going to leave any criticism regarding Nick out because of his effort to bring Diabetes to the forefront of what a serious disease it is. 

Let me know what you think of the video and song.-Dr.FB


Nick Jonas’s New Power Administration

Nick Jonas  Photo: Disney.com
Nick Jonas  Photo: Disney.com

Nick Jonas Photo: Disney.com

Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers will be releasing a side project in 2010 entitled "The Administration" and was recorded in a 2 week span.

The recording took place in Nashville, Tennessee.  The band that Nick recorded with was some of Prince's New Power Generation band from the 90's including Michael Bland and Tommy Barberella  and also a favorite of mine, David Ryan Harris, who usually tours with John Mayer.

Unfortunately, David Ryan Harris will not be touring with The Administration and is being replaced by Sonny Thompson, another former member of Prince's band.  Wow.  First Justin Timberlake and now a Jonas Brother has a Prince backed band.  There has been a Prince connection with the Jonas Brothers for a while however.

Bob Cavallo, who used to manage Prince under the management company Cavallo, Ruffalo, & Fargnoli back in the day, was The Jonas Brothers saving grace.  They released a debut album to dismal sales.  Cavallo gave the record a listen and contacted his friends at Hollywood Records and said they need to sign this group now. They took Bob's advice and within a year later, were selling out arena's everywhere and will be playing again with Stevie Wonder later this month.

No word if Nick will be covering any Prince material on the tour but I am dying to hear him try singing P. Control "The Most Beautiful Girl In The World" or something.  Um. Just had a vision of how that sounded and looked so I take it back. 

The band will debut on December 2nd for the Grammy Special on CBS and the CD entitled "Who I Am" will debut on Feb. 2nd.-Dr.FB