Too Hot

Old School Jam Of The Moment: “Too Hot” By Kool & The Gang

It is going to be a scorcher in my neck of the woods today. We tweeted out the photo above earlier and a follower @markchappelle quoted the lyrics from “Too Hot” by Kool & The Gang. So….Our Old School Jam Of The Moment is “Too Hot” by Kool & The Gang! Here is a HOT live […]

Katy Perry Is Too Hot For Elmo And Parents; Video Gets Pulled

The Katy Perry Elmo Hot n Cold Clip as we first posted on Monday is being pulled by Sesame Street as parents complained that Katy and her birds were too hot to handle. We call overreaction but then again, we don’t have kids.  The complaints that are being said are: — “You can practically see her […]

Venus Williams Outfit: Too Hot For Tennis Court?

Venus Williams Photo: Patrck Korvick.

Venus Williams had her first match at the French Open yesterday but her outfit is being talked about more than her play. She wore what seemed like a corset with skin tone undershorts during her match.  The skin tone shorts were worn last year by her sister Serena Williams. So, I ask you, is this […]