Tori Spelling

Top Searches On For 04/12/11

Lady Gaga. Photo:

The top  searches bringing people to for 4/12/11 were: 1. Lady Gaga 2. Chris Brown 3. Kate Gosselin 4.  Tori Spelling 5.  Sofia Vergara 6.  90210 7.  Hayden Panettiere 8. Kim Kardashian 9.  Prince -Dr.FB

Tori Spelling Shows Us What’s Left Of Her In Hawaii

Oh, poor girl.  She probably thinks this is hot.  I’m all for being healthy, but this is what happens when you try way too hard. If she is trying to compete with the younger generation of 90210, she lost just by looks from the start.  Yeah, I said it, FUG.  Someone give this girl a burger.

Video: Tori Spelling On View About Mother Candi

Tori Spelling talked about her strained relationship with Candi Spelling on “The View”. The girls were right when they said time is short and this feud is straight riduculous. Must be nice to promote the book and then just talk about your mom.  Lots of patience right there but this drama so needs to end.  […]