Twilight Sequel

British Hottie Jamie Campbell-Bower Joins Twilight Sequel ‘New Moon’

20 year -old British hottie Jamie Campbell-Bower joins the Twilight Sequel: ‘New Moon’.  New Moon will focus on Bella (Kristen Stewart), who will be forced into the world of werewolves while threatened by the Volturi.  Campbell-Bower will play “Cauis”, the leader of the italian based vampire crew. Jamie is best known for his role as […]

Twilight Sequel “New Moon” Release Date Set.

Bringing up that Harry Potter does not have a movie scheduled at this time, “New Moon”, the sequel for Twilight, has been set. November 20th, 2009 is the set release date at this time for “New Moon.”  Wow.  That is kind of early.  Twilight has made a decent $150 million dollars so far.  The number […]