Twitter Battle

The CM Punk Versus Chris Brown Feud Is Heating Up!

CM Punk & Chris Brown. File Photos

CM Punk, WWE Champion, responded in a video to Chris Brown’s claim of Punk doing steroids and having body parts not work. Punk claims he has been clean and that Brown does not respect women. In the 2 minute video,¬† Punk first let’s it be known that he is “straight edge” and does not touch […]

WWE’s CM Punk Challenges Chris Brown To Wrestlemania Match!

CM Punk. Photo: Part Of Be A Star Program

WWE champion CM Punk walked out of the “Elimination Chamber” retaining his title and already set his sights on who he wants at Wrestlemania: Chris Brown. Yes,¬†THAT Chris Brown. Shortly after the event last night, CM Punk took to his Twitter to call out Brown: “I would like @chrisbrown fight somebody that can defend themselves. […]