The CM Punk Versus Chris Brown Feud Is Heating Up!

CM Punk & Chris Brown. File Photos
CM Punk & Chris Brown. File Photos

CM Punk & Chris Brown. File Photos

CM Punk, WWE Champion, responded in a video to Chris Brown's claim of Punk doing steroids and having body parts not work. Punk claims he has been clean and that Brown does not respect women.

In the 2 minute video,  Punk first let's it be known that he is "straight edge" and does not touch any drugs.  He then went on about Chris Brown not being a real man as women should be respected and held higher than Brown holds them.  Punk said the punishment he got for what he did to Rihanna did not fit the crime, speaking of his probation and picking up trash.

Punk then challenges Brown to a charity wrestling match so he can choke Brown out.  He says that he is a realist and Brown is not enough of a man to accept the challenge.  He feels that someone someday will give him what he deserves.

Brown responded on Twitter saying he misses the days of real wrestlers like "Bret "The Hitman" Hart", Hacksaw Jim Duggan, and Koko B. Ware" and said he doesn;t even know who Punk is.

He started a hashtag of #notnopunk and even had rappers Kreyshawn and Wale name other wrestlers that were @notnopunk and had it was trending on Twitter world-wide to where Brown said he was done.  He then added we will be releasing not no Punk shirts soon via his website.

We wonder how far this feud will go because it won't go in a wrestling ring, that's for sure.  Will Punk keep responding or will he just let the video be the last thing he says about it?-DocFB

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  1. WWE would NEVER have Chris Brown come to an event of theirs. They’ve been promoting an anti-bullying campaign for the past few months now. Chris Brown is more than a bully; he’s a pathetic woman beater. No f’n way WWE would want any negative publicity by allowing him at one of their events.

    CM Punk already has a match that has been planned way in advance already. Anyone who knows him knows that he is a man of his word and would absolutely take on Brown in a charity match outside of WWE.

  2. Rule of Thumb: when it comes to WRESTLERS, NEVER argue with them. If you’re smart, you wouldn’t pick a fight. They will beat Chris to a pulp for real. Chris might want to back down and come off of his ego-trip a little. CM Punk will mess him up.

  3. Exactly @ Gata. True Dr Funk, I forgot, Rock is one, but I meant someone that didn’t have a wrestling background. I just saw about Shaq a couple days ago. I wouldn’t mind seeing Chris Brown make an appearance though. He’s cool in my book.

  4. Or Vince will try and turn it into something if it ISN’T kayfabe. He has his moments of stupidity, but he can grab some ratings if he really needs to. He did it with that whole Matt Hardy/Lita/Edge thing…which wasn’t kayfabe when it started. So if not WM, somewhere down the line.

  5. They always have a celebrity at Wrestlemania. So i am sure they will have Chris as part of it. Watch, lol.

  6. I’d like to see Chris get his ass beat.

  7. chris brown is a tool. and he just concreted that fact himself.

  8. WWE have taken to extending kayfabe far beyond the ring, so… I’m gonna wait this one out.

  9. On that note…. Lol.

  10. That white boy is going to whop CB’s A&%!!!! I would pay good money to see that happen any day!!! I can’t stand CB. Why is he in the industry anymore?!?
    There are so many more talented kids doing their best to be good.

  11. Yeah…Chris Brown and those he ‘represents’ are WORTHLESS PUNK ASS BITCHES!!!

  12. yeah well he challenged Chris to come to the ring….

  13. He’s about 3 yrs late, so this must be a promo for CB to show at WM 28 as a guest.

  14. ohhh emmm geee dude, people are soooo talking about this right now! eeek! that wrestler does not play, he’ll kick ass 4 real

  15. Finally someone who isn’t afraid to say the truth, and not afraid of saying it and being called a “hater” because chris brown can “dance”.

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