Money Does Matter 2Nite; PRINCE’s Estate Legal Bills Reach Almost $2 Million; Properties To Be Sold

Prince. Photo: GettyImages.com

Through June 30th, PRINCE's estate legal bills have reached almost $2 million dollars.

According to the associated press, Bremer Trust, the special administrator put in charge of Prince's estate, is requesting permission to pay several law firms for work on the estate, the most belonging to Stinson Leonard Street, which totals $1.9 million by themselves. Other firms push it closer to that $2 million mark.

The fees were spelled out in a document made public Monday. Bremer Trust also asked the court handling Prince's estate to approve its own fees - but filed those amounts under seal.

Another document shows Bremer is requesting permission to list some of Prince's properties for sale. This does NOT include Paisley Park but properties and land he owned in Minnesota, Los Angeles, and other places.

In separate documents filed last week, it seems it is down to 6 people along with Tyka Nelson, Prince's sister, for genetic testing at this time.

Also, in documents sent via text to DrFunkenberry.com, Bremer Trust is looking to extend music licensing agreements past the November 1st, 2016 deadline. Right now, they could approve music to be used in the $100,00-$500,000 rang and need more approval for licensing past the $1 million mark. The reasoning for them to be able to get quick approval on these things is for the amount of legal bills as well as the family being paid as they were while Prince was alive along with what will be taken by the IRS.-DocFB

Diagnosis: I know this is a sensitive subject for fans/fams. Please note, we are just trying to keep you updated in what is going on and what has been made public. Thank you.