And Now Deep Thoughts With Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson was spotted in London by the Groucho Club.  He may seem somber here and annoyed by the cameras but that is not exactly true. Robert posed with fans outside the club after having a good time there.  The unibrowed boy wonder has not been stateside in months.-Dr.FB

Twilight Placed Casting Call On Craigslist!

Attention Robert Pattinson and uni-brow lovers!~ There is a  Vancouver Craigslist ad for the major motion picture which was figured out by Twilight fan sites as being for the Twilight Sequel,  “New Moon”. The Vancouver Sun found out before anyone about the ads which were for 3 different cities. Casting is to be held in Vancouver, Victoria and Kelowna. Ones who look the […]

Zac And Vanessa Paint The Red Carpet

Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens attended the Golden Globes Sunday night.  Remember Zac?  You know, the one you were all crazy about til Robert Pattinson and his uni-brow came along? Ahh,  how quickly people pretend to forget.  You know, you can like more than one guy at once.  Especially if you are only datign him […]