Video Premiere: “Blame Game” Kanye West & John Legend Performance (Uncensored)


Kanye West sweats it up in his rap with John Legend laying down the vocals and chorus for "Blame Game" clip that is being used for Kanye & Jay Z's "G.O.O.D. Music" presented by Vevo.

John Legend is on point...although it is still weird him using the bitch word.  Kanye's vocals singing the chorus is not as bad as you would think.  Oh wait. He keeps going.  Nope.  Not good.  Should have kept it short.

I can hear "That was rather pitchy, dog" being said by Randy Jackson somewhere right now. Stick to rapping.

Check out the live performance clip of "Blame Game" and let us know what you think.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Only Kanye To Blame For Bad Vocals


Duran Duran Mayan Show Live Online & Directed By David Lynch


Duran Duran is performing at the Mayan Tonight in Los Angeles.  Can't be there? 

Don't worry.  It will be online at youtube.com/DuranDuranVevo and will be directed by David Lynch.  Sounds pretty cool. 

It's all of the original members..except for 1.  A BIG no prize to the person who can name who is not in the line up this time.

What is your favorite Duran Duran song?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: Come Undone


Maroon 5 Performs “Wake Up Call”

Here is Adam Levine and the boys of Maroon 5 performing "Wake Up Call" at a Vevo Summer Set concert.

Check it out above.-Dr.FB


Rihanna & Adam Lambert Attend Vevo Launch

Rihanna & Adam Lambert.  Photo: GettyImages.com
Rihanna & Adam Lambert.  Photo: GettyImages.com

Rihanna & Adam Lambert. Photo: GettyImages.com

Rihanna, Adam Lambert, John Mayer, Taylor Swift, Pete Wentz, Mariah Carey & Sheryl Crow showed up for the VEVO launch.

Vevo is going to be a video service between Universal Music & Google.  Adam Lambert performed at the event. So far, Universal has pulled videos from youtubebut put them on their Vevo channel. 

No word yet on when or if videos will start being on google.com exclusively soon.-Dr.FB