Photo Of Katy Perry Planking As A Mermaid Upsets Lady Gaga Fans

Katy Perry. Photo: Twitter.com/KatyPerry
Katy Perry. Photo: Twitter.com/KatyPerry

Katy Perry. Photo: Twitter.com/KatyPerry

While Katy Perry is recovering from food poisoning, she took to Twitter to post a photo of her planking as Ariel, the Disney Mermaid.  Sweet and innocent, right?  Not to Lady Gaga fans as Gaga wanted to dress as a mermaid in her "Edge Of Glory" video but didn't but plans to use the concept for her upcoming video.

Gaga fans  took to Twitter to slam Perry for the plank?  What did Lady Extravaganza's fans have to say?  READ REST OF ENTRY>>>>>


New Music Video: Noah & The Whale “Life Is Life”

No use crying or shouting over a dropped watermelon right? Must have been good.  Teen angst?  "Life Is Life" is the latest from Noah & The Wale. 

For the female lead, it can't be easy running in those shoes, right?  Running towards her problems instead of away?  Or was she dreaming of a different life?  Someone want to help me out here?  I dig the song but not fully understanding the concept of the video. 

Check out "Life Is Life" by Noah & The Whale and tell us if you get the video.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Doc say "Whaaa?"