Video Concept

Photo Of Katy Perry Planking As A Mermaid Upsets Lady Gaga Fans

Katy Perry. Photo:

While Katy Perry is recovering from food poisoning, she took to Twitter to post a photo of her planking as Ariel, the Disney Mermaid.  Sweet and innocent, right?  Not to Lady Gaga fans as Gaga wanted to dress as a mermaid in her “Edge Of Glory” video but didn’t but plans to use the concept […]

New Music Video: Noah & The Whale “Life Is Life”

No use crying or shouting over a dropped watermelon right? Must have been good.  Teen angst?  “Life Is Life” is the latest from Noah & The Wale.  For the female lead, it can’t be easy running in those shoes, right?  Running towards her problems instead of away?  Or was she dreaming of a different life?  […]