Prince Wannabe Auditions For X-Factor

It was a like a Prince from 1979 took the stage on X-Factor last night...except that Prince can actually do all that and sing well.

Siameze Floyd performed on X-Factor last night and claimed he was original.  Although when Simon said "You are obviously a fan of Prince." Siameze admitted he was a big fan.

From the splits to the hair to energy, it was Prince.  He was happy to be compared to him.  Sigh.  Sia, is it ok that I call you Sia?  You, my friend, are NOT Prince.  You are amusing but still not Prince. Paula letting him pass? Seriously? I can understand Cheryl Cole and L.A. Reid was not impressed.

Thanks for making us laugh and good luck on X-Factor...and your future career of being the lead singer in a Prince cover band.

Check out the wannabe Prince above and a classic clip from Prince 1980 below-DocFB

P.S. we really need good footage of stuff like the Bandstand appearance.  Good visuals, sound that stays in sync.  Have it....I don't know...like on an official site, Prince.  I got the time....but you got the ride.

Diagnosis:  The One & Only.......