Wedding Crashers

No “Change-Up” Here As Sandra Bullock Supports Ryan Reynolds

Sandra Bullock & Ryan Reynolds. Photo:

Sandra Bullock attended the premiere of “The Change-Up” the new Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman movie.  She saw Ryan gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek and even posed for photos.  Everyone else though, she bypassed.  Sandra did not stop to talk to reporters or anyone else after seeing Ryan.  She just […]

Rachel McAdams Needs To Go Back In Time

Rachel McAdams is usually a straight up hottie. From her role in “Wedding Crashers” to “The Notebook” and in “The Time Traveler’s Wife” she looks hot as well. When does she not look beautiful? Well, that dress wasn’t doing her any favors last night at the premiere. Not. Feeling. It. At. All. What about you?-Dr.FB

The Hangover Is Box Office Patron

On May 26th, I wrote this and at the end of the story I said “If people thought Terminator opened up poorly, wait til June 5th to see “Land Of The Lost” bomb.” The movie is sucking donkey balls. “The Hangover” is killing the box office and only bloggers out of touch are saying this is an […]