Seal Talks To Ellen About Divorce: “These Things Happen”

Seal talked to Ellen about the "great woman he married" Heidi Klum and the divorce. As on Tavis, he talked about them remaining civil.

He also stated that "It is a shame" that it is happening.

Seal did the interview still wearing his wedding ring. Ellen noticed and commented on it. "It is a token of how I feel about this woman. We have 8 years. 8 wonderful years. Just because we decided to separate does not mean you take off your ring."

He also stated "it (the ring) feels really comfortable on my hand and I have no intention of taking it off soon."

It sounds like, although he will not say it outright, that he is hoping that this is not really the end of him and Heidi's marriage or their connection.

There was no cheating going on. According to reports, it has to do with Seal's anger issues.

Seal was on Ellen to promote his new CD "Soul 2" which is out this week.-DocFB


Video: Seal Talks Exclusively To Tavis Smiley About Divorce

Seal talked candidly about the news of Heidi Klum divorcing him with Tavis Smiley today.  Seal said "the break-up will not be nasty as they are not those kind of people" to Tavis.

The way Tavis has conducted himself over the years and interviewing and knowing Seal helped him be able to ask the question and have Seal talk about the divorce.

Seal remained cool and collected, all while still wearing his wedding ring.

Seal said that they will remain civil.  Reports today said that the main reason for Heidi and him separating were because of Seal's temper that he cannot control and has lost it in front of their kids.

Seal says that "their love hasn't changed at all" and it "is difficult times" for him.

Him wearing the wedding ring and the way he talked, it seems that he is hoping that things can be worked out by remaining civil.

All marriages have hard times, and if the reports of Seal's anger is part of the marriage falling apart, here is hoping that he works on it and that the marriage can be saved or salvaged.-DocFB


Dallas Cowboys Player Scores $76,000 During Lockout

Roy Williams. Photo: NFL.com
Roy Williams. Photo: NFL.com

Roy Williams. Photo: NFL.com

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Roy Williams  made $76,000 during the NFL lockout this week.  How?  Well, not by making any catches.  The NFL stud sued his girlfriend for a wedding ring he purchased when he proposed to her and she declined his hand in marriage.  Thing is, she wasn't giving the ring back.

So, he sent papers over to his ex-girlfriend,  Brooke Daniels, who won Miss Texas in 2009. After the papers were filed, Brooke promptly returned the ring.  Interesting thing is, how he proposed and I am not sure many women would say yes to a proposal like that.

How did Roy propose?  Read The Rest Of This Entry


Jesse James Released From Rehab; Father Talks When He Shouldn’t

Jesse James.
Jesse James.

Jesse James. Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com

Jesse James came out of sex rehab yesterday looking longer in the beard and...oh my...he was not wearing his wedding ring.  Guess not wearing a ring means divorce papers have been filed, right?

Nothing has been filed yet, so read whatever you want about not wearing a wedding ring.  It's not like he respected the vows he took while wearing it, right?

Aside from that, TMZ yet again got some dirt....that may be kind of useless, depending on if you believe the guy or not.  Jesse James father spoke with TMZ saying that his son was obsessed with Nazi garb and books from a very early age.  He said he gave it to him as a joke.  Um, who gives their son Nazi stuff as a joke?  He said he was surprised he liked it.   He stated that he does not know if he is still obsessed with Nazi stuff as he hasn't spoken to his son in years.  Which is why I said I don't know if you could believe someone who is not on speaking terms with his own son.  Also, this interview sure isn't going to get them closer.

So the main "story" here is Jesse is not wearing his wedding ring.  Neither is Sandra.  Still no word if he is wearign any Nazi garb instead.-Dr.FB


Photos! Sandra Bullock Not Wearing Wedding Ring

Sandra Bullock was spotted in Northern California last Friday and they got pictures of her. She is not wearing her wedding ring in the photos but keep in mind, she still hasn't filed for divorce yet either.

In my opinion, she still looks good, even without make-up, since they had to bring it up. Wouldn't you be somber too in the same situation. Just saying.-Dr.FB

Team Sandra!~