“Idol” Singer Shares How They Lost 30 Pounds

Kelly Clarkson Photo:GettyImages.com

Kelly Clarkson has lost over 30 pounds and in next month's issue of Cosmo, she reveals that she lost it for her man.

"I think that happens when you fall in love or date someone. If I'm going to be messing around, I gotta look good."

Kelly also talked about her work out routine and portion control:

"I was working with a trainer. You'd be amazed the amount of weight you can drop by halving your portions. I know it sounds crazy, but do it for two weeks and watch what happens.' I just cut back my portions, I stopped eating late at night, and I work out a little more than I used to, and I literally dropped 18 pounds in a month. I think it happens when you get really busy. But when I'm on my off-time -- girl, those 18 might come back!"

18 pounds in a month? That is a lot for a girl to lose in a month. Am I wrong?

Kelly also states that she is not obsessed with her weight:

"I'm willing to work a little bit because I want to be a healthy individual -- which I always have been. I've put on weight, but that's just what I'm happy with at that moment."

If anything, it seems the media and others have been worried more about her weight than she has been.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Congrats Kelly on the weight loss and your upcoming wedding!


Snooki Says She’s Not Pregnant Or Fat! We Say….Beeeech!

Snooki. File Photo
Snooki. File Photo

Snooki. File Photo

Rumors of "Jersey Shore" star  Snooki being pregnant hit the Internet today and Snooki was quick to say she is not pregnant and she is not fat. We responded with a beeeeeeech!

The site Radar Online who has stolen stories from this site before, reported that Snooki is pregnant.  The star not only denied it but wanted to bring up she is not even fat to be pregnant.  Snooki, real name Nicole Polizzi, has lost a tremendous amount of weight recently, finally making her head look normal size finally.

Nicole is currently dating Jionni Lavelle, who she calls her "Guido in shining armor" and is waiting for him to propose.

Let me apologize for wasting anyone's time who actually read this story.  On that note....."beeeeeeeeech!"-DocFB

Diagnosis:  No Guido cookies on the way.....


Jonah Hill Goes All Out In New Movie “The Sitter”


If this was the 80's, this would be "Adventures In Babysitting 2 : Bad Ass Boogalo" and would have starred John Candy.  Instead of "Uncle Buck" we get Jonah Hill, who makes the movie seem funnier than it most likely will be. 

The preview gives you a pretty good idea what the movie is about, without giving too much away.  Jonah has lost a serious amount of weight since this movie and has been able to keep it off.  I look forward to seeing his red carpet photos when this movie comes out.

Check out the preview of "The Sitter" and let us know if you are going to see it.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  It has Jonah Hill, So I Def Will Be Seeing It!


50 Cent Loses Some Serious Weight

50 Cent. Photo: Thisis50.com
50 Cent. Photo: Thisis50.com

50 Cent. Photo: Thisis50.com

50 Cent. Photo: Thisis50.com

50 Cent. Photo: Thisis50.com

OK, I know the value of money is dropping in the United States, but did 50 Cent think he had to drop weight to be up to date with it's currency?

Not only did 50 Cent drop a little over 50 pounds for a movie role, he had all his tattoo's removed. 

He is really taking his acting career seriously.  Curtis Jackson (50's real name) is set to star in "Things Fall Apart" about a football player that gets cancer.  Football movies almost always do well at the box office and these 2 photos of 50 are huge promotion for the movie already.

He did an all liquid diet along with a 3 hour a day workout on his treadmill.  Wonder if he was drinking Vitamin Water?

What do you think of 50's weight loss transformation?