Weird Al

Steven Tyler, Alice Cooper & Weird Al(!?) “Come Together” For 2012

Steven Tyler, Alice Cooper and Weird Al, yes, Weird Al were jamming together for New years Eve. They even covered “Come Together” by The Beatles. In one of the oddest pairings in rock and roll history, Weird Al killed it!  Can we even mention Steven Tyler showing even though he is engaged to a 30 […]

Video: Weird Al Goes After Lady Gaga In “Perform This Way”

  OK, when I first heard Weird Al Yankovich was going to cover “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga, I thought he was going to go in a different direction and call it “I Watch Porn This Way” and I was wrong.  Happily. In “Perform This Way” he goes after Lady Extravaganza’s originality claim but […]