David Bowie Returns With New Single “Where Are We Now?”; New Album In March!

David Bowie Promo Photo

David Bowie and his record label surprised everyone with his first new single in 10 years and an upcoming album to follow! "Where Are We Now?" is out now along with a music video. The new album "The Next Day" will be released in March.

Update:  The female in the video with Bowie is Bjork!

"Where Are We Now?" is a somber look at where we are now...as human beings and in life. Perhaps for that reason, it is somber and melancholy. Perhaps it is where he is now. Bowie, long rumored to be ill, which we reported on last year, seemed to disappear from the limelight and from what people who claimed to speak to Bowie, he has retired and is very happy. Well, it appears, everyone was wrong.

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